High-Availability Docker Hosting

Gain Access to the Secure Cloud Collaboration Platform through MassiveGRID’s Docker Hosting on High-Availability.


Easy Deployment

Zero code change deployment of traditional and cloud-native applications with easy container management via intuitive UI

Automated Scaling

Automatic vertical and horizontal scaling of containers based on the current applications load with tunable triggers and alerts

Multi-Cloud Availability

Available as public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud deployments in over 100 data centers worldwide across network of service providers.

Benefits of Docker Hosting with MassiveGRID PaaS

Easy Deployment

Automatic deployment when a new version of the Docker image is pushed to the registry.

Automated Scaling

Pay only for consumed resources benefiting from container density, scalability and our pay-per-usage pricing model.


SSH access to the running container via the PaaS web console.

Flexible Management

With a network of Tier-4 Data Centers worldwide and an innovative High-Availability Architecture, we achieve a 99.9999% Uptime Record while offering a 100% Uptime SLA.

High-Availability for Docker Hosting

Tier-4 Data Centers

Worldwide coverage on Tier-4 Data Centers. Proven Uptime Record of 99.9999% or just 2.6 seconds of potential downtime per month.

100% Uptime SLA

We go a step further by guaranteeing a 1000% credit return for all potential downtime.

Fully Redundant Architecture

MassiveGRID’s clusters are designed to employ full Hardware, Network, Power and Storage redundancy. We eliminate downtime and data loss.

Unmatched 24/7 Technical Support

Our Technical Support team comprises of certified, highly skilled engineers who are on standby 24/7 to guide you through any possible challenge.


Docker Registry support

Automatically create custom containers based on any standard Docker image that uses supported OS and is stored at Docker Hub or any other public/private registry.

PaaS Benefits

Get all the benefits of the platform (automatic vertical and horizontal scaling, logs, statistics and alerts monitoring, embedded configuration file manager, etc.) while maintaining the original software of the image intact.

Docker Engine CE (Docker Native)

MassiveGRID PaaS provides support for the Docker Engine Community Edition that is running inside system containers but at the same time has full compatibility with the native Docker ecosystem.

Docker Tools support

Work with the core tools of Docker container technology, such as Docker Engine, Docker Registry, Docker Compose, and Docker Swarm.


Fast setup of clustered and highly available applications


MassiveGRID Platform as a Service provides a unique process of automatic scaling with payments based on real consumption instead of server size. For more information regarding our PaaS please visit our Explore PaaS as well.