PaaS Resellers

PaaS is a category of cloud computing that provides a comprehensive computing environment, including the hardware, operating system, database, and other necessary software for the execution of applications. It may include a complete development environment as well.


PaaS allows a customer to rent virtualised servers and associated services used to run their existing applications, or to design, develop, test, deploy, and host new applications, paying only for what they consume.

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Benefits of PaaS

Innovate faster while saving money

  • Simplify, automate, and avoid the costly steps of setting up the foundation for your application
  • Build, deploy, iterate, adapt and manage your application more rapidly over time
  • Reduce the cost of server storage and overhead, network bandwidth, maintenance, and support personnel for end-users

Simplify operations and management

  • Minimise the operational complexity by leveraging cloud-based platforms to automate and consolidate processes with easy integration using APIs
  • Provide a more uniform and predictable OS/middleware environment by having service providers automate and control it
  • Streamline application management, while maintaining complete application control and eliminating underlying infrastructure duties

Boost technology and offerings

  • Get the latest technology with faster page loads and better uptime, combined with an enhanced user interface and experience
  • Offer a wide range of applications and build unique solutions by tapping into the many niche market options offered by PaaS service providers
  • Simplify and enhance the end-user experience by allowing them to seamlessly share data between solutions

Scale apps, not costs

  • Keep costs low and easily optimize resources and costs as you scale apps. By running App Platform on MassiveGRID’s infrastructure, we make it simpler for you to control costs.
  • Scale horizontally or vertically to handle planned or unplanned traffic spikes.
  • Maximize availability with zero downtime deployments. Your apps remain available not only when you scale up or out, but also when you roll out new changes.

What can you build with App Platform?

Web Apps

Build dynamic apps in popular languages like Python, Node.js

Static sites

Create websites that are fast, secure, and highly scalable


Add automation via APIs

Background workers

Improve efficiency by adding background workers

Become a PaaS Reseller Partner in 4 steps

Step I

Do you want to be a PaaS Reseller? Send us an email to

Step II

You’ll be informed about your program options and choose what is best for you.

Step III

After choosing a technical and billing implementation will be done.

Step IV

And you are ready!

Start selling our products as a partner and earn high-paying commissions.