Referral Program

Increase your revenues by recommending the most reliable and secure cloud provider!

We provide:

• 50% commission of the 1st month’s specific client’s expenditure
• 10% commission of the 1st specific client’s Billing/Invoicing

Step 1: Create your account

Create your account, here by selecting the “Become A Partner” option.

Step 2 : Activate Affiliate Account

Select the “Affiliate” option on the top menu and then select the “Activate Affiliate Account” option.

Step 3 : Get your referral link

Once you have activated your Affiliate Account, your unique referral link will appear on your screen. All you need to do is to share your unique link on your social media, website, blog, or email newsletter.

Step 4 : Start earning

When visitors make a transaction via the referral links, you’ll get paid. You can track your sales and commission by logging into your account.

What We Provide

For You

  • User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Claim your Earning in 1 Business Day
  • 24/7 Support Plans for you and your Clients
  • No Participation Fees – Only Earnings

For Your Customers

  • Exceptional Reliability
  • High-end MassiveGrid’s Services
  • Discount After 1 month of Payment
  • Customized Solutions & Services


What is the MassiveGRID Referral Program?

Our Referral Program allows you to earn money by introducing new customers to MassiveGRID. We provide you with a unique link to attract new customers. For every order placed by your link, MassiveGRID pays you a generous commission.