GDPR Compliance

You and your personal data are secure with us. MassiveGRID is GDPR compliant.

MassiveGRID has recently concluded all actions needed, in order to fully comply with General Data Protection Regulation.

Corporate-wise we have:

  • Completed a full audit of our procedures, data and security measures
  • Adopted all necessary corporate resolutions 
  • Implemented a code of conduct for all our personnel 
  • Educated our staff

We have appointed a Data Protection Manager for all personal data security purposes that can:

  • Help you with anything relevant you need regarding your data with us
  • Guide us to continue respecting, protecting and lawfully processing your data

We have updated our web privacy policy to make sure you understand what we do in relation to your personal data.

We have made it easy for you to exercise your data protection rights.

We have implemented policies and procedures that:

  • Keep your data secure
  • Keep your data confidential
  • Makes us keep the minimum personal data required and securely destroy the rest
  • Use your data only for clear, lawful and explicitly described purposes
  • Make it easy for you to let us know of any changes to your personal data
  • Make sure we timely return to you your data if you so wish and stop using them

We do not obtain and process personal data for minors unless expressly permitted by them and their guardians.

We have made all our third-party agreements compatible so that your data remain protected.

We have made sure that hard copies with your personal data are securely and privately held.

We have ensured that all electronic records of your personal data will only be seen by those of us who should, according to their job description.

Our mobile devices are strongly protected and so are your personal data on them.

We now keep a full record of anything we do as regards your personal data.

We have taken all precautions to ensure as far as possible that no data breach will happen, but if it does, we shall let you know asap and do our best to secure them again.

We periodically review all the above to keep them up to date at all times so that your personal data with us will always be respected.

Please feel free to contact us at privacy@massivegrid.com in case you need any clarifications.