Reseller Partner

Resellers are given the right to offer MassiveGRID products/services at a discounted rate, and thus are able to receive a recurring commission on each sale.


Resellers are identified based on their global aggregated monthly contributions/sales of eligible MassiveGRID products/services, and are entitled to the following percentage discounts and /or commissions:

High-Availability Cloud Hosting

24/7/365 Technical Support

Multi-Clustered Infrastructure

DDoS Protection Customized Solutions

Discount Rates

CategoryAggregated Monthly SalesDiscount / Commission
Accredited Reseller$250 to $1,0008%
Preferred Reseller$1,001 to $10,00010%
Distinguished Reseller$10,001 to $25,00015%
Premier Reseller$25,001 to $50,00020%
Elite Reseller$50,001 to $250,00023%
Massive Reseller$250,001 and up25 %

The Reseller must be in good standing and have at least 3 active servers. Eligible MassiveGRID Products/Services: High-Availability Cloud Servers, High-Availability Cloud Dedicated Servers, High-Availability Private Cloud.

Reseller Benefits

Partner with the #1 High-Availability Provider

Unique Reseller Discounts

No Participation Fees - Only Earnings

24/7 Support Plans for Partners and Their Clients

Become a Reseller Partner in 4 steps


Step 1

Create your account, here by selecting the “Become A Partner” option.


Step 2

Complete the signup form and select “Register”.


Step 3

Select Partner on the top menu and then select the “Activate Partner Account” button, and you are automatically authorized as a MassiveGRID Partner.


Step 4

Start selling our products as a partner and earn high paying commissions.

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    How Reseller Partner Program works?

    The Reseller Partners have permission to offer MassiveGRID products and services at a discounted rate. The commission depends on the aggregated monthly sales and varies from 10%, up to 25%. The minimum requirement for commission eligibility is to have at least 3 MassiveGRID services achieving at least US$1001 overall monthly sales contributions.