The Company

MassiveGRID is a global high-end Service Provider, with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the fields of High-Availability service hosting, turn-key service solution and development.

Our services are designed for demanding clients that run Business-Critical Services or need high performance and large network capacity. MassiveGRID’s client portfolio includes financial institutions, telecoms & cutting-edge technology organizations, among others.

Our extensive technical expertise and broad experience in problem-solving allow us to provide high-quality customized telecoms & IT solutions to any technological challenge.

Featured Clients

Uptime is in our DNA


Our lives more and more rely on Digital and Virtual Infrastructures. We want these infrastructures to be Reliable, Secure, and Private. There’s a great responsibility that comes with being a Cloud and Hosting Provider. MassiveGRID promotes uncompromised Reliability, Security, and Performance for Cloud and Hosting Infrastructures.


Our mission is to provide the most Secure, Reliable, and High Performing Cloud infrastructure. We design, build, maintain and support 24×7 cloud infrastructures at any place in the world providing utmost reliability, security and performance.


Customer service excellence

Our customers are our number one priority. We provide 24/7 support and we are always ready and trained to deal with any challenge.


Our clusters are built exclusively in Tier-4 Equinix Data Centers. We guarantee top-class physical security, power, and cooling facilities, with a proven uptime record of 100%.


We create smart solutions and provide new creative possibilities to our customer experience.

Community Involvement

We are committed to helping our community as a company with charity activities, donations, and volunteering.


We are a team of highly experienced people who constantly training in order to provide high-quality customized hosting & IT infrastructures.


The Climate Crisis is a real threat that all must be aware of. As a conscious company, we are constantly working to minimize our environmental impact.


Eulises El Toro



MassiveGRID is offering us fully customized and streamlined IT infrastructure and high-availability hosting for our 30-story workspace heaven on Madison Avenue. We enjoy maximum reliability and unmatched support for over a year.

Fatima Castiglione Maldonado



We are a small software company. We have been using MassiveGRID for 3 months already. We find it good for our needs. The service is good, and the pricing is really reasonable. You may expect bad customer service in this price tier, but surprisingly enough, service is good.

Mohamed Abuateek



We have been using different hosting providers for the past few years, this is our first time to completely “forget” about our servers and leave them with no issues and minimal supervision. We’ve been using MassiveGRID’s services for a year now and everything is excellent so far.

Zoltan Korosi



If you need a service where you only have to pay for the resource you actually use, and the customer service helpfulness counts, then consider switching to MassiveGRID. A good alternative for those who want to break away from traditional VPS solutions. The flexibility and scalability of the PaaS service are surprisingly good, and you can assign extra resources without stopping the systems, automatically.

Shahnawaz Malik


ISETech Ltd

We’ve been using MassiveGRID’s PaaS and the technical support has been exceptionally good so far. They will not only help you through every step of the way but also go the extra mile to support you. Their infrastructure is very reliable, and the pricing is also very good. They need to carry on adding new technical capabilities to their platform (which they have been doing so far, and it will be safe to say they will keep on building on it). In a nutshell, we highly recommend MassiveGRID.

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