High-Availability Dedicated Private Cloud

High-Availability Dedicated Private Cloud

Single Tenancy for Physical Isolation and Top Security, available in more than 200 locations around the world. MassiveGRID H/A D.P.C. is the leading industry solution for demanding, Mission-Critical Infrastructures.

High - Availability Cloud Hosting

Single Tenancy & Strong Encryption

Industry-Leading Reliability & Security

24x7 Monitoring & Performance Support

Highly-Available (HA) Cluster

Live/Online Vertical & Horizontal Scaling

Software Defined Storage & Networking

Indicative Plans

CPU (3 Nodes Cluster)48 vCores96 vCores384 vCoresNo limit
RAM (3 Nodes Cluster)96 GB ECC128 GB ECC512 GB ECCNo limit
3 to 32 Nodes Cluster
Cluster Storage1 TB H/A SSD2 TB H/A SSD10 TB H/A SSDNo limit
Internet Uplink2x 1 Gbps2x 2 Gbps2x 10 GbpsMultiples of 100 Gbps
Cluster Networking2x 10 Gbps2x 40 Gbps2x 100 GbpsMultiples of 400 Gbps
H/A Cluster Pricing from (3 Nodes)$ 4,000 / month$ 8,000 / month$ 12,000 / monthCustom

Key Features


Single Tenancy with Physical Isolation.

– Strong Encryption with HSM and Remote Terminal.

– 24×7 Physical Security On-Site.

– 3-Level Cluster-Distributed Firewall & DDoS Shield.

– Two-Factor Authentication with Hardware Token.

Industry-Leading Reliability

– No Single Point of Failure (SPOF).

– Unique Multi-Master H/A Cluster Architecture.

– Multi-Redundancy at any desired level (xN+y).

Self-Healing Mechanisms.

– Self-Fencing, no data corruption.

Scalability & Flexibility

– Online/Live Horizontal & Vertical Cluster Scaling.

– Online/Live CPU & RAM VM Scaling.

– Online/Live VM & Storages Migrations.

– Software Defined Storage (SDS) up to Exabytes.

– Software Defined Network (SDN) up to Terabits.


– RESTful API.

– CLI Support and Terraform compatibility.

– Fully Open Source.

– Storage and Network Integrations.

– Integration Support.

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Our High-Availability Private Clusters consist of minimum 3 Nodes (to ensure proper H/A) and maximum 32 Nodes. You can chose from the predefined Node sizes in terms of CPU and RAM or build a custom configuration.

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