High Availability Architecture

It takes a considerate amount of experience, IT competence and failover architecture understanding to create a real, affordable High Availability model for our Cloud Hosting Solutions.

Benefit From

  • 100% Uptime SLA
  • 99.9999% Data Center Uptime Record

High Availability Network

Our Network is based on High-Availability Architecture. Elements like routers, internal and external switches and PDUs are fully redundant.

Tier-1 Internet Service Providers

Exclusive collaboration with multiple Tier-1 ISPs.

N+1 Redundancy

At least N+1 Redundancy for all Network elements and duplicated links.

Traffic Re-Route

Traffic is automatically re-routed in the event of link failure.

High Availability Power

Our partnerships with Equinix, the largest global colocation and interconnection provider, as well as other reputable Data Center enterprises like Amito and Leaseweb, allow us to host our infrastructure in Tier-3 and Tier-4 Data Centers.

Monthly Tests

Monthly tests are performed on all generators, regarding building load, as well as load bank tests.

Double High Voltage Feeds

Two independent High Voltage (HV) feeds are used from the relevant Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

Transformers & Diesel Generators

At least N+1 pairs of transformers and at least N+1 diesel generators are installed, supporting at least twice or three times the total
Data Center load.

UPS Redundancy

At least N+1 and usually 2N UPS configurations are also in place on all Data Centers, with different levels of battery autonomy. The minimum autonomy is usually around 10 minutes.

Low Voltage Redundancy

LV infrastructure is at least in a N+1 and usually in a 2N configuration, having both an ‘A’ and ‘B’ side. Each side can fully support the load, although normal operating procedure is for an ‘active-active’ set-up with both sides running concurrently.

High Availability Hardware

We own High-Availability, multi-master, clustered infrastructures. Every cluster consists of many hardware servers, all of them in high-availability mode. Clients’ servers run in a virtual environment fully isolated from each other, on our clusters. By using Virtualization, we can create any type of server (Windows or Linux). Servers are being spread on the available Cluster Nodes. Each server uses dedicated CPU and RAM resources of the Cluster Node it runs on. 

No Downtime During Failure

If a hardware server in any of our clusters fails, then the services that were running on that hardware server get instantly transferred to other servers of the cluster.

Bypassing Time to Failure Observation

As a result, computing is not affected by the costly time it takes to observe failure and engage in time-consuming hardware replacement procedures.

No Downtime During Maintenance

No downtime is experienced during server maintenance since our clients’ resources and server configurations are temporarily transferred to separate nodes or clusters, depending on the type of maintenance.

Instant Hardware Upgrades

Since IT resources have already been made available during the cluster deployment, clients who wish to upgrade their resources can do it instantly.

High Availability Storage

Unlike other Cloud Hosting providers, we use clustered, self-healing storage for optimal reliability, in a triple-replicated architecture.

Triple Replicated Storage

For every GB used by our clients, we devote 2GB to replicate their data independently. In the unlikely event of double disk failure, the remaining master disk becomes Read-Only for the duration of the repair.

Self-Healing Storage

In case a disk fails so 1 out of 3 copies of data is lost, Storage will find available space on any other disk and will copy data from the other 2 replicas, re-enabling triple replication of the Storage. This is done automatically immediately after failures, ensuring maximum data reliability. During such events, the File System remains intact, so all the services that rely on the File System (like Data Bases) are not affected.

Pure SSD Storage

All servers’ critical data and software are served by pure, ultra-fast SSD storage, to avoid issues that can arise from reduced HDD reliability and speed. HDD storage is available once the server’s critical components are based on SSD Storage.

Ultimate High Availability:
Regional Failover

MassiveGRID offers High-Availability Cloud Solutions that can protect your Organization from “Acts of God”. We have developed an integrated value proposition to secure large enterprises against earthquakes and other major catastrophic failures that can affect whole regions of our planet.

Downsized Regional Failover

Benefit from an affordable replication of your original IT infrastructure. This downsized model will guarantee continuity of your organization's most crucial processes, in the event of regional catastrophes.

Full Regional Failover

Ensure full organizational continuity by deploying IT infrastructures with identical size, features and configuration at a distant region of the planet. This aggressive approach enables fast disaster recovery.

Choose from Over 200 Data Centers Worldwide to Enable Regional Failover for Your Organization.

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