High-Availability Virtual Private Cloud

Premium, Secure and Reliable Private Cloud Hosting. Instantly create Virtual Servers in your Virtual Private Cloud based on High-Availability Clusters for superior reliability and security with internal networking and easily scaling of your cloud resources.

100% Uptime SLA

12 Tbps Anti-DDoS Protection

Free Migration Services

24x7x365 Support

15 Days Money-back Guarantee

Instant Activation


Data Centers

24x7 Guards Physical Security

Our servers are solely built in top-class Equinix Data Centers with the best security certifications and protocol compliance.

Biometrics Access Control

State of the art security on our Datacenter Premices with constant 24/7 monitoring.

N+1 UPS Redundancy

At least N+1 and usually 2N UPS configurations are also in place on all Data Centers, with different levels of battery autonomy. The minimum autonomy is usually around 10 minutes.

N+1 Power Generators

At least N+1 pairs of transformers and at least N+1 diesel generators are installed, supporting at least twice or three times the total Data Center load.

N+1 Climate Redundancy

At least N+1 Climate Control Units within the Datacenters are installed, keeping a steady temperature in the room.

Security and Quality Certifications

External Perimeter Fence with 24x7x365 CCTV Monitoring & Guard Patrols on all of our Datacenters with multiple Q.C such as SOC 1 Type II,PCI-DSS,SOC 2 Type II,ISO 27001,HIPAA and NIST 800-53/FISMA.


Tier-1 Internet Service Providers

Our exclusive collaboration with multiple Tier-1 ISPs will let you experience our services without limitations.


Our High-Availability Network will provide you with 99,9 % uptime without any interruption.

Direct Access to Backbone

Prior authorization in Internet backbone traffic to provide high degree of redundancy.

20 Tbps Total Network Capacity

Our services can support up to 20 TB Network traffic to use for large workloads.


24x7 On-Line Support

A highly skilled technical support team is constantly on standby to deal with any challenge you might face.

24x7 On-Site Support

Our experienced engineers are on site 24x7x365 to protect your business and guarantee business continuity.

24x7 Proactive Monitoring of our H/A Clusters

MassiveGRID technical support team is constantly monitoring our H/A clusters and will proactively restore any monitoring alerts or events that take place during 24x7x365 support, even before a customer identifies a problem and opens a ticket.



Use KVM over IP access technology extends keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) signals from any of our servers over TCP/IP via Internet connection.

Utilization Graphs

Keep track of your server’s performance while deployed and monitor your Network Traffic on a preferable time frame.

Start / Stop / Restart

Take the full control of  your servers from our Secure Customer Portal.

OS change / re-install

You can change the Operating System or Re-install the Operating System of your server anytime via our control panel.

R1 Soft Backup Management

We offer R1Soft backups for your server and access to R1Soft control panel to manage the advanced backup capabilities R1Soft offers.

SSL Certificates

Manage and enroll your purchased SSL certificates from MassiveGRID through our Secure Customer Portal.


Strict Privacy and Confidentiality

You are the only one who has an inside view in your server. Meanwhile, we are on standby in case you need our help.

Firewall for each Server

You can access your Server’s Firewall via our control panel and choose your rules. The firewall runs at the cluster level offering superior protection for your server.

1.5 Tbps Anti-DDoS

Advanced DDoS protection of up to 1.5 Tbps at all Layers (up to 7th layer) by default. You can choose to upgrade the DDoS protection to 4.5 Tbps.

R1Soft Backups

R1soft, one of industry’s leading backup tools, is offered for this service, which supports incremental block-level backup.


Do you offer a free trial?

You can try MassiveGRID for 15 days. If you’re not satisfied, MassiveGRID will return your money automatically through our Secure Customer Portal.

What CPU types are you offering?

We exclusively use the mission-critical, enterprise-grade Intel XEON CPUs. We constantly upgrade our infrastructures to the latest hardware.

– London:

Intel ® Xeon ® E5-2683 v4 @ 2.10GHz

Intel ® Xeon ® Gold 6230  @ 2.10GHz

– New York:

Intel ® Xeon ® Gold 6130 @ 2.10GHz

Intel ® Xeon ® Gold 6230 @ 2.10GHz

– Frankfurt:

Intel ® Xeon ® E5-2683 v4 @ 2.10GHz

– Singapore:

Intel ® Xeon ® E5-2630v4 @ 2.40GHz

What storage configuration are you offering?

Our storage is highly-available, triple-replicated, SSD powered, multi-mastered with self-healing mechanisms, superior to any RAID configuration.

Our clients benefit from the optimal reliability and performance our storage offers.

Are there Bandwidth and Network speed limits?

MassiveGRID uses ultra-fast Internet connections from Tier 1 Internet Providers. All our Internet feeds have at least N+1 redundancy, which guarantees service continuity, even in the event of broken uplinks. We provide dedicated 5 Gbps for each server. For the Singapore region, we offer 500MbpsMassiveGRID, unlike the competition, which includes Internet traffic in their service offerings. Depending on the package, the included outgoing Internet traffic can be from several TB per month, up to unlimited usage.

Is your Service reliable? Do you commit to any SLA?

We offer 100% Service Uptime SLA for our High-Availability Dedicated Servers, Private Clouds, and Web Hosting plans, as depicted in our terms of Service.

This means that MassiveGIRD commits to providing a leading-class service and is able to offer 100% Service availability.

In case of any proven downtime, MassiveGRID offers 10 times (1,000%) the actual amount of downtime, up to the Customer’s monthly fee, as a total monthly recurring charge. This is also depicted in our Terms of Service.

Which are your locations?

We build our infrastructures exclusively in Tier-4 Data Centers. Our Public Cloud offerings are available in the US (New York), in EU (London & Frankfurt), and in Asia (Singapore). Our Private Cloud offerings are available worldwide covering more than 200 locations.

Which are your Support Plans?

We offer a wide range of support plans, from basic support to proactive support, depending on your business needs. See our Support Plans in full detail.

Do you provide free server Migration? *

Yes, please open a ticket after your purchase through our control panel and our engineers will plan the migration on an agreed migration window.

Can you install my Software? *

Absolutely. All new MassiveGRID clients enjoy free SysAdmin Support during the first month, to help you get started. If your needed software is well documented our IT engineers will install it in your virtual dedicated server, for free.

I need Internal Networking for multiple servers. How can I get it?

To deploy internal networking you will need to purchase a High Availability Private Cloud that you will then segment in the desired amount of Virtual Machines (VMs) that by default have internal networking. Please note that the HA Private Cloud’s resources should be sufficient for all the VMs you are willing to create

Which is the ideal type of Cloud for me?

With so many types of cloud and cloud services available, it is natural for you to be confused. In addition, cloud providers choose to complicate the situation by adding their own names to various cloud offers. We are here to explain all computing services quickly and simply;

Web Hosting: The simplest type of cloud hosting. If you only have an e-commerce or non-commerce website to manage then you do not need to mingle with the overly complicated world of cloud hosting. MassiveGRID provides High Availability Web Hosting for specific needs, from e-commerce to application development and testing.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): Platform-as-a-Service is a cloud platform that allows developers to develop, deploy and manage applications and databases of all types in a user-friendly environment. In addition, PaaS can lead to up to 40% of cloud cost savings, since the pricing model charges only for utilized resources, not resource limits.

Cloud Server: A typically low-cost, low-resource server with shared resources among numerous tenants in a node. Great for startups and new projects or testing, since it is scalable and provides increased flexibility at a good value-for-money. However, established businesses should not expect to run on low-cost cloud servers since “busy neighbor” problems and limited resources can harm them. MassiveGRID’s High Availability Cloud Servers provide the industry’s best value-for-money, since we do not oversell our servers so there’s hardly any busy neighbor problems, while enjoying maximum flexibility at a low cost.

Bare-Metal Server: In contrast to VMs (virtual machines) they are deployed specifically for the needs of one tenant, not multiple users. This way there is no chance of experiencing low efficiency due to numerous tenants competing for the node’s resources. Although bare-metal servers guarantee dedicated resources, they cannot guarantee overall reliability. Hardware failures can take hours to be identified and up to days for failed hardware components to be replaced. The same goes for network and power infrastructure.

Cloud Dedicated Server: Increased resources, increased security and reliability. It is similar to a bare-metal server, only virtual. In a large deployed node, resources are segmented according to tenants’ needs and they remain dedicated to each tenant. In addition, they remain reliable thanks to their virtual flexibility. Providers large enough benefit from economies of scale and deploy large nodes that they can split up in numerous virtualized dedicated servers. MassiveGRID offers High Availability Cloud Dedicated Servers that offer ultimate reliability thanks to KVM virtualization; uptime is not even affected by hardware, network or power problems thanks to the near-instant re-deployment of servers on healthy nodes, when needed. IT engineers are then able to work on troubleshooting without the pressure of the clients’ downtime. This allows MassiveGRID to resolve any potential issues in the best possible way, instead of coming up with “quick n’ dirty” solutions of high risk and low efficiency. Cloud dedicated servers are ideal for established businesses and business-critical projects that need increased reliability.

Virtual Private Cloud: As opposed to public cloud services, private cloud computing allows organizations to benefit from increased processing throughput due to increased resources and a higher cloud efficiency, since it is possible to create numerous virtual desktops with internal networking. You don’t need to compete over resources either. MassiveGRID offers High Availability Virtual Private Cloud Hosting in Tier-4 Data Centers. This provides very high security and compliance. Larger enterprises can boost their growth and efficiency through MassiveGRID’s VPC solutions.
Private IT Infrastructure: The ultimate cloud solution for large organizations that can benefit from ultimate control of their cloud infrastructure and operations. MassiveGRID replicates its High Availability architecture and plans, designs, implements and manages your organization’s IT infrastructure on-premises. For more information, see how we can manage and deploy your Private IT Infrastructure.

Now you can choose the ideal cloud model for your needs.

I would like to check the performance of your data centers. Can I perform a ping test?


Here are our test IPs

Frankfurt Region:
London Region:
New York Region:
Singapore Region:

I still can't find the answer to my question, help!

Don’t worry, you can contact us via email at sales@massivegrid.com.