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We're offering a Premium Service in terms of Reliability, Security, and Performance provided by our High-Availability and Secure Clustered Infrastructures, available at 200+ locations and backed by our 24x7 Support.

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19+ years of knowledge
155 countries with registered users
200+ locations worldwide available


Eulises Del Toro
Director of IT,


MassiveGRID is offering us fully customized and streamlined IT infrastructure and high-availability hosting for our 30-story workspace heaven in Madison Avenue. We enjoy maximum reliability and unmatched support for over a year.


Fatima Castiglione Maldonado
IT Manager,
Ethernity Live


We are a small software company. We have been using MassiveGRID for 3 months already. We find it good for our needs. The service is good, and the pricing is really reasonable.


Mohamed Abuateek


We have been using different hosting providers for the past few years, this is our first time to completely “forget” about our servers and leave them with no issues and minimal supervision. We’ve been using MassiveGRID’s services for a year now and everything is excellent so far.