The No1 High Availability Cloud Provider

Cloud Services provided in infrastructures with built-in failovers and scalability, no single point of failure and the best 24×7 support rated 9.5/10. We’re proud to have been providing a consistent service for more than 20 years in 155 countries around our planet.

High Availability Clusters

All the services we provide run on our multi-master, high-availability clusters. These clusters provide the underlying and "out of the box" high availability for all your services on MassiveGRID


Redundant Networking

Every part of our Networking is redundant with automatic failovers built in. That doesn't only apply to the infrastructure but also to the end-user services making 100% of our infrastructure run without a single point of failure.



Your services running on MassiveGRID are protected from our security layers that include Firewalls, DDoS Protection, Web Application Firewalls, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, all running with redundancies and with no single points of failure.

Redundant Routing

Redundant Routers connected with multiple Tier-1 Internet Backbone providers and other Cloud Providers providing the lowest world-wide latency, the best reliability and ample bandwidth over uncongested links.


24x7 Support

Dedicated in-house 24x7 support teams ensure uninterrupted assistance and resolution for any issues or inquiries you may encounter with our cloud services, guaranteeing peace of mind around the clock.


for Hosting

Fast, Reliable and Secure Hosting in our H/A Clusters.

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Developers / Agencies

Friendly to develop PaaS and robust Private Clouds for Production.

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Top Security, Reliability and Performance for Enterprises on Cloud or on Premises.

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Secure, High Performance, Ultra reliable GovCloud Solutions.

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Partners / Resellers

Utilize MassiveGRID premium cloud services for your clients.

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Empowering Businesses on the Cloud

Years - Since July, 2003

Countries receiving our services

Locations worldwide available

Said About Us

Satisfied Clients

MassiveGRID is offering us a fully customized and streamlined IT infrastructure and high-availability hosting for our 30-story workspace heaven on Madison Avenue. We have enjoyed maximum reliability  and unmatched support for over a year

Eulisis Del Toro
Director of IT

We are a small company. We have been using MassiveGRID for 3 months already. We find it good for our needs. The service is good, and the pricing is really reasonable.

Fatima Castiglione Maldonado
IT Manager
Ethernity Live 

We have been using different providers for the past few years, this is our first time to completely “forget” about our servers and leave them with no issues and minimal supervision. We’ve been using MassiveGRID’s services for a year now and everything is excellent so far.

Mohamed Abuateek

Thank you for all you do.  You and your team mates are true heroes. I have an IT background and I know what it’s like to work your side.

Marcus Reese
THE Platform

Your firm is so far the most inclusive Nextcloud provider we’ve encountered in the US, and I look forward to referring business to you in the years to come.

Michael Aponte
Old and New Hospitality LLC