H/A Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Save time and money by letting us take care of High-Availability. No need to build your own HA by managing and upkeeping multiple servers. Get Started Instantly with Our Windows Dedicated Servers.

Location of H/A

- State of the Art Datacenters
- Max Physical Security
- 99.99999% Uptime Record


Intel XEON
CPU Type

- State of the Art Server Processors



- Choose the amount of the Cores for your Server
- Upgrade CPU anytime


MS Windows
Server OS

- Choose the Microsoft Windows server operating system


MS Windows
Server Licence

- Choose only if you need a Microsoft Windows server licence
- Licence cost changes depending on the number of cores



- Datacenter Grade RAM
- ECC Registered
- Upgrade RAM anytime



- Triple Replicated
- H/A Storage
- Pure SSD Storage
- Ultra Fast SSDs
- No Data Loss
- Upgrade SSD Storage anytime


Monthly Traffic
& Bandwidth

- Premium Traffic
- Available 24x7
- Upgrade your Monthly Traffic anytime


Monthly Price

Discounted Price:
$0.00 Setup Fee

  • Upgradable
  • Instant Setup
  • High Availability
  • Physical Security
  • Intel XEON Processors
  • 100% Uptime SLA
  • Tier 4 Datacenters
  • 10 Tbps Backbone
  • 1500 Gbps Anti-DDoS

& Order

Do you want a Windows Server with shared resources for increased flexibility and a lower budget? Click here.

Windows Dedicated Server Benefits

MassiveGRID offers instantly accessible Cloud Servers that employ a Windows interface and Windows server management tools. Numerous benefits come with our Windows Dedicated Servers. 

Microsoft Leads the OS Industry

Microsoft has been developing operating systems for decades. Windows is the most thoroughly tested OS with tremendous resources having been invested on it. Eventually, Windows is a reliable, user-friendly OS.

Instant Accessibility

Use your server the moment it's purchased. In contrast to a bare-metal server that usually takes days to set-up, Windows Cloud Servers don't challenge your patience. More importantly, they enable you to instantly seize business opportunities.

Excellent Scalability

The cloud grows with you. You don't need to invest in a large server and take the risk of eventually not needing it or needing an even larger one. Windows Cloud Hosting allows you to remain flexible and respond quickly to an ever-changing business environment.

Active Community

With Windows Server being such a popular OS, your questions can be answered within minutes. With a quick search you can access thousands of free tutorials, guides and forums. An eager worldwide community is always present to help you overcome challenges.

Features of High-Availability Windows Dedicated Servers

High-Availability has been a quite complex and expensive feature. IT managers used to spend great amounts of money, time and effort on managing multiple servers from different providers. MassiveGRID’s innovative architecture makes High-Availability easy, cost-effective and time-saving. Our Windows Dedicated Servers are setup in fully redundant clusters, including regional fail-over.


There are no single points of failure in our Windows Dedicated Servers. Our unique architecture utilizes virtualization, so that your activity isn’t affected, even upon hardware failure or maintenance.


Our ultra-fast SSD storage is triple-replicated and self-healing.  Therefore, you won’t notice any storage disruption even at the most catastrophic hardware failures. For every GB you use, we additionally devote 2GB to safely replicate your data.


We are partnered exclusively with multiple Global Tier-1 Internet Providers. Also, we combine their networks so our services can benefit from very reliable and low latency reach around the world.

Data Centers

Our clusters are built exclusively in Tier-4 Equinix Data Centers.  Consequently, we guarantee top-class physical security, power and cooling facilities, with a proven uptime record of 99.9999%.

Windows Dedicated Server Security

Trusting your privacy, data and service continuity on us is so easy.

Free DDoS Protection

We protect you from DDoS attacks 24/7 for free, up to 1500 Gbps. Also, If you need more than that, you can upgrade at any time, up to 4500 Gbps.

Your Privacy is Non-Negotiable

You are the only one who has an inside view in your server. Meanwhile, we are on standby in case you need our help.

Unbreakable Architecture

We provide secure solutions to the highest classification level through Cyber Tunnel security architecture and the use of encryption algorithms & keys.

Physical Security

Our Windows Cloud Servers are solely built in top-class Equinix Data Centers with the best security certifications and protocol compliance.

Unmatched 24/7 Technical Support

Focus on your growth while we keep your business running.

MassiveGRID 24/7 Support

24/7 Support

A highly skilled technical support team is constantly on standby to deal with any challenge you might face.

SysAdmin Support

Free services like OS installation and Server Migration are guaranteed. Moreover, full SysAdmin support is available upon request.

Instant Upgrades with Zero Downtime

You can upgrade your resources at any moment, according to your needs, without downtime.

MassiveGRID Instant Activation Cloud

Fully Managed Network & Hardware

Hardware and Network health, management and maintenance are completely on us with an 100% Uptime SLA. In addition, If you experience downtime because of us, we we’ll return 1000% of it as credit.

Instant Activation

Once you configure and buy your server, setup is automated. You can use your resources right away.

MassiveGRID 24/7 Support

Response Time Guarantee

Choose from 1 hour to instant response time guarantee, according to your business needs, through our support plans.

MassiveGRID Monitoring Support

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

We provide you with performance graphs for CPU, RAM, DISK IO and Network Traffic through our Secure Customer Portal.

Free Software Installation

During the first month, we can install any documentation supported software (eg. cPanel, Plesk) on your server for free.


We exclusively use the mission-critical, enterprise grade Intel XEON CPUs. We constantly upgrade our infrastructures to the latest hardware.

– London:

Intel ® Xeon ® E5-2683 v4 @ 2.10GHz -3.00GHz Turbo

– New York:

Intel ® Xeon ® Gold 6130 @ 2.10GHz – 3.70GHz Turbo

– Frankfurt:

Intel ® Xeon ® E5-2683 v4 @ 2.10GHz -3.00GHz Turbo

– Singapore:

Intel ® Xeon ® E5-2630v4 @ 2.40GHz – 2.66GHz Turbo

Our storage is highly-available, triple-replicated, SSD powered, multi-mastered with self-healing mechanisms, superior to any RAID configuration. 

Our clients benefit from the optimal reliability and performance our storage offers.

MassiveGRID uses ultra fast Internet connections from Tier 1 Internet Providers. All our Internet feeds have at least N+1 redundancy, which guarantee service continuity, even in the event of broken uplinks. 

We provide dedicated 5 Gbps for each server. MassiveGRID, unlike competition, includes Internet traffic in their service offerings. Depending on the package, the included outgoing Internet traffic can be from several TB per month, up to unlimited usage.

The available bandwidth for Singapore is 500 Mbps instead of 5 Gbps.

We are offering 100% Service Uptime SLA for our High-Availability Dedicated Servers, Private Clouds and Web Hosting plans, as also depicted in our terms of Service.

 This means that MassiveGIRD commits in providing a leading class service and is able to offer 100% Service availability. 

In case of any proven downtime, MassiveGRID offers 10 times (1,000%) the actual amount of downtime, up to the Customer’s monthly fee, as total monthly recurring charge. This is also depicted in our Terms of Service., 

We build our infrastructures exclusively in Tier-4 Data Centers.

High Availability Dedicated Servers are available in London, New York, Frankfurt and Singapore.

Singapore prices are 25%-27% higher. Singapore has higher Data Center and international bandwidth costs. This is represented in MassiveGRID prices too. DDoS protection is not available in Singapore while the available bandwidth for this location is 100 Mbps instead of 1 Gbps.

We offer a wide range of support plans, from basic support to proactive support, depending on  your business needs.

Click here to see our Support Plans in full detail.

We want your server to be as reliable, fast and efficient as possible. That’s why we offer only pure SSD storage.

Our SSD storage is triple replicated and self-healing.

If you need additional SSD Storage you can purchase it extra, once you have configured and purchased your server, through our secure customer portal.