Video Streaming Hosting
in High Availability

Video Streaming Hosting is a necessity for every streamer who takes it seriously. Leave it to us while we offer optimal reliability, flexibility and capacity through our 
High Availability Cloud Hosting Services.

Video Streaming Hosting Needs to Provide

High Quality Bandwidth

Video Streaming can be demanding in terms of needed bandwidth. It can also prove quite difficult to estimate origin and size of traffic. Work with a Hosting Provider that can deliver uncongested bandwidth 24/7.

Low Latency

Live Video Streaming needs to be, well, live. With viewers willing to interact and communicate in real-time, streamers need to be available to engage on spot. Keeping latency as low as it gets is a necessity.

Overall Reliability

Live streamers tend to inform their fans, days before the streaming event. This happens especially for important announcements and news. Thus, they also need to make sure that streaming will happen, without interruptions or delays as this can frustrate viewers.

MassiveGRID Video Streaming Hosting in HA Guarantee

High Availability

We offer a full 100% Uptime SLA, in Network, Power, Hardware and Storage Level. On top of that, our presence in Tier-4 Data Centers with an astonishing 99.9999% Uptime Record, guarantees ultimate service continuity. N+1 and 2N system redundancy is employed on every possible component of our IT infrastructure. As a result,  fully redundant, high availability infrastructures, with no single points of failure (no-SPOF) are available for our clients.

Low Latency

With deployable IT infrastructures in over 200 Equinix Data Centers around the world, and 4 instant service activation locations, you can always be where your audience is. MassiveGRID exclusively utilizes Tier-3 and Tier-4 Data Centers from Equinix and Amito. As a result, our clients benefit from minimum latency to the majority of population in New York, London, Frankfurt and Singapore.

High Quality Bandwidth

Video Streaming is as reliable as the relevant Internet connection. A high quality bandwidth is necessary in order to secure seamless video streaming, without having to face all the challenges related to connectivity. MassiveGRID provides connectivity services directly from multiple Tier-1 Internet Service Providers, with 24/7 uncongested bandwidth, instantly upgradable through a 10 Tbps Internet Backbone. 

High Availability Video Streaming Hosting Solutions

High Availability Dedicated Servers from MassiveGRID

HA Dedicated Servers

High Availability Servers with fully dedicated resources for ultimate Uptime and Reliability. Ideal for growing streamers in need of video hosting of maximum reliability while getting started. Benefit from instant server deployment in 4 worldwide locations.

High Availability Private Cloud from MassiveGRID as VoIP Cloud Solutions.

HA Private Clouds

Increased throughput, processing speed and security for business critical projects that need all the power they can get. Create multiple servers with internal networking for complicated CDN solutions. Benefit from instant deployment in 4 worldwide locations.

Private IT Infrastructure MassiveGRID High Availability

Private IT Infrastructure

We replicate our innovative High-Availability Architecture either in your facilities or in 200 Tier-4 Equinix Data Centers around the world. Fully customized IT & hosting solutions for enterprises that need absolute control and security of their IT infrastructure. Deployment in 4 weeks.