SMS Servers & Cloud Solutions
for SMS Providers in HA

When it comes to SMS communication, timing matters. More than ever, SMS Providers are in need of highly reliable, flexible and cost-effective SMS Servers & Cloud Solutions. Assure optimal engagement for your clients through MassiveGRID’s High Availability services.  

Your SMS Servers & Platform Need to Provide

Fast Delivery

With the majority of texts taking up to 3.5s to send, a perfectly timed SMS can make the difference. What If a prospect won’t get the discount coupon soon enough, to continue to checkout? Timing should be an integrated part of your customer engagement strategy.

Guaranteed Delivery

SMS delivery is usually taken for granted, although practically bad practices and implementation can lead to up to 2% of SMS texts not being delivered at all. Although seemingly small, this number can be enough to hurt your overall engagement rates.

Overall Reliability

With an average Uptime of 99.59% for a typical SMS Server, Cloud SMS services can suffer from 35 hours and 32 minutes of downtime per year. With MassiveGRID your IT infrastructure is hosted in Tier-4 Data Centers, with a 99.9999% Uptime Record.

MassiveGRID SMS Servers & Cloud Solutions for
SMS Providers Guarantee

Low Latency

With deployable IT infrastructures in over 200 Equinix Data Centers around the world, and 4 instant service activation locations, you can always be where your clients, and their customers, are. MassiveGRID exclusively utilizes Tier-3 and Tier-4 Data Centers from Equinix and Amito. As a result, our clients benefit from minimum latency to the majority of population in New York, London, Frankfurt and Singapore.

Increased Security Through VPN

Modern entrepreneurship demands utmost security, usually expressed through 2-Step Verification processes and encryption. Encrypt sensitive SMS information through secure VPN connections between SMS Servers and HQ. With 3D Secure protocol and Strong Customer Authentication, now mandatory according to PSD2 EU Regulation, it is more important than ever to guarantee secure and encrypted SMS transmission.

High Availability

We offer a full 100% Uptime SLA, in Network, Power, Hardware and Storage Level. On top of that, our presence in Tier-4 Data Centers with an astonishing 99.9999% Uptime Record, guarantee ultimate service continuity for your SMS platform.

Regional Failover

SMS Providers that offer Emergency Alerts Services to employees, clients and citizens need to secure service continuity even in the most extreme circumstances. Choose between two Regional Failover plans that guarantee service continuity and quick disaster recovery.

High Availability SMS Servers & Cloud Solutions

High Availability Dedicated Servers from MassiveGRID

HA Dedicated Servers

High Availability Servers with fully dedicated resources for ultimate Uptime and Reliability. Ideal for SMS providers who want maximum reliability and security while getting started. Benefit from instant server deployment in 4 worldwide locations.

High Availability Private Cloud from MassiveGRID as VoIP Cloud Solutions.

HA Private Clouds

Increased throughput, processing speed and security for business critical projects that need all the power they can get. Create multiple servers with internal networking and VPN connectivity for security. Benefit from instant deployment in 4 worldwide locations.

Private IT Infrastructure MassiveGRID High Availability

Private IT Infrastructure

We replicate our innovative High-Availability Architecture either in your facilities or in 200 Tier-4 Equinix Data Centers around the world. Fully customized IT & hosting solutions for enterprises that need absolute control and security of their IT infrastructure.