Ultimate Flexibility & Scalability in Cloud Computing

Can a server remain online during maintenance? Is it possible for a Hardware failure to not affect server uptime? With MassiveGRID it can be done, thanks to our unique High-Availability Architecture.

Instant Upgrades Without Downtime

Upgrading available resources, such as Storage, CPU cores, RAM or Network capacity is completed automatically.

Clients can deploy new high availability servers or upgrade specs of existing ones, instantly.

This can be facilitated through pre-installed resources on the Node that the client can claim upon request.

Hardware Failures Do Not Affect Server Uptime

Since MassiveGRID exclusively utilizes enterprise-grade IT equipment, it is highly unlikely for hardware failures to take place. 

On top of that, our IT engineers make sure to monitor equipment performance and regularly proceed with maintenance, replacements and upgrades.

In the unlikely event of hardware failure, clients’ servers instantly reboot on a healthy sector of the node or cluster, with identical resource capacity and configuration.

This way, we bypass all downtime that is caused by hardware failures, including the time needed to observe the failure and manually set in motion a series of processes for the replacement of the defective hardware.

Avoid Downtime By Maintenance

With IT downtime costing $300.000 per hour, on average, according to Gartner, it does not really matter If downtime is intentional or not.

Our Clusters offer flexibility since servers can move from one Node to another while live.

This means that if maintenance needs to be performed on your server, it can be easily moved to other nodes. As a result, maintenance is performed as the server is online. Upon maintenance completion your server is instantly transferred back to the updated node.