SAP Cloud Solutions in High Availability

SAP Has Proven to Be a Turnkey Business Tool for Many Professionals and Enterprises Around the World. Make SAP Accessible from Anywhere, Keep Your Projects Secure, While Increasing Productivity, through MassiveGRID’s SAP Cloud Solutions.

SAP Cloud Solutions Need to Provide

SAP Cloud Performance

System administrators focus on achieving system throughput within a given IT budget. Meanwhile, end users demand a reasonable response time when interacting with software systems. When combining SAP software intelligence with MassiveGRID’s Cloud IT competence, you receive an overall secure and reliable turnkey business tool.

SAP Cloud Support

SAP is an undeniably complex, multi-level tool that demands focus and resources, to produce high quality and high volume business results. In order to keep it flexible and accessible, associated Cloud Infrastructures need to be proactively monitored by a highly experienced support team. A Cloud Support plan with a Response Time Guarantee is needed.

Overall Reliability

An organisation is practically a living being, with real-time interaction with clients, partners and numerous internal processes too. With downtime costing $300,000.00 per hour on average, no-one can afford to miss out on new business opportunities or everyday processes. High Availability is more affordable and more needed than ever. Benefit from our SAP HANA Certified and Supported Hardware.

MassiveGRID SAP Cloud Solutions in HA Guarantee

High Availability

We offer a full 100% Uptime SLA, in Network, Power, Hardware and Storage Level. On top of that, our presence in Tier-4 Data Centers with an astonishing 99.9999% Uptime Record, guarantees ultimate service continuity.

N+1 and 2N system redundancy is employed on every possible component of our IT infrastructure. As a result, fully redundant, high availability infrastructures, with no single points of failure (no-SPOF) are available for our clients.

200 Worldwide Tier-4 Data Centers

With deployable IT infrastructures in over 200 Equinix Data Centers around the world, and 4 instant service activation locations, you can rest assured that your organisation will have easy and direct SAP access throughout the world. 

MassiveGRID exclusively utilizes Tier-3 and Tier-4 Data Centers from Equinix and Amito. As a result, you can benefit from increased chances of disaster avoidance and utmost reliability.

Large Scale Clusters

We can provide practically unlimited computing power, with cloud IT infrastructure of thousands of CPU cores, TBs of ECC-Registered RAM, and petabytes of storage. On top of that, we can provide proportionate network infrastructure, through Tier-1 Internet Service Providers, with bandwidth upgradeable to 10 Tbps.

Unmatched 24/7 Support

MassiveGRID provides a plethora of Support Plans, capable of generating a smooth SAP Cloud experience. We provide dedicated account engineers, up to instant response time guarantee, enormous DDoS protection and proactive support, based on real-time monitoring of your Cloud Infrastructure.

High Availability SAP Cloud Solutions

Private IT Infrastructure MassiveGRID High Availability

Private IT Infrastructure

We replicate our innovative High-Availability Architecture either in your facilities or in 200 Tier-4 Equinix Data Centers around the world. Fully customized IT & hosting solutions for enterprises that need absolute control and security of their IT infrastructure. Deployment in 4 weeks.