Disaster Recovery Services by MassiveGRID

Every future-oriented organisation should have access to a plan, resources and know-how towards securing long-term business continuity. Let MassiveGRID guarantee quick and smooth disaster recovery, through our Disaster Recovery Services, at rates 50% below competition. Is there a partner more trustworthy than the High Availability experts?

Disaster Recovery Services Need to Provide

Regional Failover

Protect your organisation from “acts of God”. International business entities need to spread business-critical function availability across the world. Since Cloud Infrastructure support such a crucial percentage of business functions, they need to be included in a disaster recovery plan. See how MassiveGRID can help you recover quickly and affordably.

Overall Reliability

The greater the Recovery Time, the higher the cost and impact of a potential disaster. A Cloud partner that specializes in High-Availability should be an integral part of your Business Continuity Strategy. Given the complexity of modern IT configuration to serve specialized needs and manage diverse data, replicating network and backup configurations is as important as replicating the IT infrastructure itself.

MassiveGRID Disaster Recovery Services Guarantee

High Availability

We offer a full 100% Uptime SLA, in Network, Power, Hardware and Storage Level. On top of that, our presence in Tier-4 Data Centers with an astonishing 99.9999% Uptime Record, guarantee ultimate service continuity.

N+1 and 2N system redundancy is employed on every possible component of our IT infrastructure. As a result, fully redundant, high availability infrastructures, with no single points of failure (no-SPOF) are available for our clients.

200 Worldwide Tier-4 Data Centers

With deployable IT infrastructures in over 200 Equinix Data Centers around the world, and 4 instant service activation locations, you can rest assured that your organisation will be safe against regional disasters. MassiveGRID exclusively utilizes Tier-3 and Tier-4 Data Centers from Equinix and Amito. As a result, you can benefit from increased chances of disaster avoidance and utmost reliability.

High Availability Disaster Recovery Services

High Availability Private Cloud from MassiveGRID as VoIP Cloud Solutions.

HA Private Clouds

Increased throughput, processing speed and security for business critical projects that need all the power they can get. Create multiple servers with internal networking for complicated configurations. Benefit from instant deployment in 4 worldwide locations.

Private IT Infrastructure MassiveGRID High Availability

Private IT Infrastructure

We replicate our innovative High-Availability Architecture either in your facilities or in 200 Tier-4 Equinix Data Centers around the world. Fully customized IT & hosting solutions for enterprises that need absolute control and security of their IT infrastructure. Deployment in 4 weeks.