Our Winnipeg International Business Exchange® (IBX®) data centers provide access to robust ecosystems in Canada, with connections to retail, manufacturing, education and healthcare sectors. Customers can be part of a rich service provider and business ecosystem and choose from a variety of network, internet and cloud services providers.

Easy Access

Our Winnipeg data centers provide access to other cities in Canada, with good network density, access to retail, manufacturing, education and healthcare sectors, and choice of networks, internet and cloud services providers.

Direct Connections

Integrate directly and privately with 230+ companies that call our Winnipeg data centers home.

Business Hub

The data center in the city can serve as an edge market or low-cost destination for cloud and content deployment.

Meet Our Products

Η/Α Dedicated Private Cloud Infrastructure

Ιsolated ΙΤ Infrastructure with dedicated hardware and network resources in high availability clusters with at least N+1 configuration on power, network, storage and hardware levels, that guarantee ultimate uptime, increased security & reliability.


IBX Highlights

Learn about Equinix WI1 carrier-neutral data centre, located at 1450 Waverley Street in Winnipeg, Canada. See our interconnection options, services and more. At the WI1 data centre, Equinix customers in Winnipeg can connect to Eastern and Western Canada. It is ideal for a low-cost edge destination for cloud and content deployment. Get direct access to network service providers and become part of a rich ecosystem of the retail, finance, manufacturing, education and healthcare sectors.

Power Redundancy


Cooling Redundancy



SOC 1 Type II
SOC 2 Type II
ISO 27001


For network service providers

  • Connect directly within a healthy peering ecosystem that offers roughly as many public peering opportunities as Montreal.
  • Strong network and interconnection help decrease latency while improving performance and content delivery reliability.

For enterprises

  • Low-latency connections to Western Canada and the U.S. Pacific Northwest.
  • On-demand and direct access to a variety of cloud providers and networks.
  • Next-generation WAN architecture for secure and reliable connectivity via Equinix Performance Hub®.

For cloud and IT service providers

  • Connect directly with CSPs in a major internet and network peering exchange point.
  • Data sovereignty benefits position market to serve cloud & content players (e.g., BATS+) and become an emerging cloud hub.
  • Popular choice for major cloud deployments (like AWS) given Vancouver’s strong connectivity and proximity to the U.S.

For content and digital media

  • Key locale for CSPs looking to establish footing in Western Canada and the U.S. Pacific Northwest.
  • Abundance of peering opportunities and last-mile CDNs and content and network service providers in Western Canada’s largest metro.

For financial services

  • Strong financial ecosystem access with 1,200+ global customers interconnecting in our IBX data centers around the world.
  • Digital payments ecosystem includes several large international banks and digital payment leaders.

For your own requirements

Our certified consultants will assist you in finding the optimal solution.

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