With thriving capital markets and electronic trading ecosystems, Sydney is a major center for financial services and the growing electronic payments industry. Equinix Sydney is part of our global interconnection platform that spans all 6 of Australia's largest cities and 52 markets across the world. Round-the-clock security and diverse connectivity options make Equinix Sydney ideal for government and government-related deployments.

More Interconnections

Equinix Sydney is Australia's most interconnected data center campus, with direct links to submarine cable landing station/POP, the continent’s largest peering exchange, and access to more than 150 network providers

Major Business Hub

Integrate with more than 650 collocated companies in Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers

Easy Hybrid and Multicloud Deployments

Our vendor-neutral Sydney IBX data centers offer direct access to multiple cloud providers via Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ and direct connections to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud

Meet Our Products

Η/Α Dedicated Private Cloud Infrastructure

Ιsolated ΙΤ Infrastructure with dedicated hardware and network resources in high availability clusters with at least N+1 configuration on power, network, storage and hardware levels, that guarantee ultimate uptime, increased security & reliability.

Bare Metal Servers

Powerful - State of the art dedicated servers with premium 24/7 support, exceptional reliability and ease-of-use, thanks to next-generation components and features.


IBX Highlights

Sydney colocation services at SY1, near the Central Business District with access to Southern Cross Cable Head, provide extensive network interconnection in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Power Redundancy


Cooling Redundancy

N+1 Chillers
N+20% CRAC units


SOC 1 Type II
SOC 2 Type II
ISO 27001
ISO 22301


For network service providers

  • Direct access to both subsea cable landing station and PoP
  • The highest carrier density in Australia with 160+ network service provider
  • Create new business values with direct connect opportunities through a number of cloud and content providers

For enterprises

  • Performance Hub™ to enable next generation (WAN) architecture for a secure and highly reliable connectivity to 160+ network service providers and 280+ cloud and IT service providers
  • On-demand and direct private access to multiple cloud providers and multiple networks via the Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™

For cloud and IT services providers

  • Ability to connect to 755+ customers, partners, content providers, networks and internet service providers
  • Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ enables providers to quickly and easily offer direct cloud access services globally
  • Ability to create business opportunity with to 60+ content and digital media providers

For content and digital media

  • The highest carrier density in Australia with 160+ network service providers for an unparalleled customer reach
  • Interconnect with a wide variety of Content Digital Media ecosystems (e.g. CDN networks, Advertising exchange and E-commerce platforms)

For financial services

  • Gain direct access to trans-oceanic cable stations for global connectivity among the financial services community
  • Hosts the growing electronic payments industry, including payment gateways, aggregators, banks and network providers
  • Integrated with core electronic trading and capital markets in Sydney

For your own requirements

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