Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center in Hamburg offers a carrier-neutral colocation facility with a choice of networks for peering and transit including access to cloud providers. Itis a gateway to subsea cable routes across Europe with routes to Asia-Pacific and the United States. It has an optimal mix of services and competitive pricing. The HH1 facility in the heart of Hamburg is ideal for data recovery and business continuity solutions as it provides secure, resilient and compliant colocation.

Industry-leading uptime

Newly refurbished facility—approximately 130,000 square feet (12,000 square meters) with industry-leading 99.9999% global uptime record

Prominent maritime hub

Strategically located in proximity to the North Sea, our IBX data center in Hamburg aims to house a diverse group of interconnected organizations

GDPR compliance

Provides secure, resilient and compliant colocation while Germany’s strong data privacy laws optimize data center operations deployment

Meet Our Products

Η/Α Dedicated Private Cloud Infrastructure

Ιsolated ΙΤ Infrastructure with dedicated hardware and network resources in high availability clusters with at least N+1 configuration on power, network, storage and hardware levels, that guarantee ultimate uptime, increased security & reliability.


IBX Highlights

Co-locate to Equinix Hamburg, a strategic global business hub.

Power Redundancy


Cooling Redundancy

N+1 Chillers
N+20% CRAHs


ISO 27001
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 22301


For network service providers

  • Easy connectivity to key international carriers, such as AT&T and Verizon, inside the data center

For enterprises

  • A key hub for space exploration, oil, chemical and energy firms
  • Equinix Fabric enables global connectivity to thousands of networking, storage, compute and application service providers in the industry’s largest infrastructure ecosystem

For cloud and IT services providers

  • Ability to connect to 20+ customers, partners, content providers, networks, and internet service providers

For financial services

  • With Equinix Fabric, enable private, secure connections to cloud and payment partners and integrate payment systems
  • A key hub for the financial services community, enabling diverse interconnection opportunities

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